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G.I. WilliamsonG.I. Williamson received his B.A. degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and his B.D. degree from the Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He has served congregations of the old United Presbyterian Church of North America, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, but most of his ministerial labors have been with the Reformed Churches of New Zealand and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (in which he continues to serve). He is author of popular study guides to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Shorter Catechism and the Heidelberg Catechism. For fourteen years he served as editor of Ordained Servant, a journal for church officers.


A Link to Audio Sermons by Rev. Williamson

Creation Faith – A Defense of Six-Day Creation (from Hebrews 11:1-3)

Why I still agree with the Westminster Standards teaching on creation! What I learned from my Dutch Reformed brethren(How they dealt with deviations from the official Confessions of their Church).

The Scriptural Basis for the Regulative Principle of Worship – (also a 2001 ICRC paper on this principle in PDF format: click here PDF – and five lectures on worship given at the San Francisco Conference on Worship in 1995.

The Reformed Faith and the Altar Call
When an evangelist asks people to “get up out of their seats and come forward,” we need to ask just one question: is this what the Bible teaches?

Historical Revisionism

Why is it that the Puritans are said to have “over-reacted” against Romish errors?

A Study of Biblical Eschatology.PDF

What are the signs that will tell us the second coming of Christ is about to take place? For that matter, should we expect any? This study seeks to provide the answer!

Holy Days of Men and Holy Days of God
Does God want his church to celebrate special sacred days other than the weekly Lord’s Day? This study seeks to answer this question!  A Tract on The Same Subject!

Pictures of Jesus
What does the Bible say about making and using ‘pictures of Jesus’?

Professing Your Faith
A study course for communicant church membership based on the four membership vows of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. “Must reading” for understanding basic Bible doctrine (also in PDF).

A Question and Answer Study on the Book of RomansAlso see the Teacher’s Guide with suggested answers.

The Singing of Psalms in the Worship of God
Why are the Psalms so widely neglected today in Presbyterian and Reformed churches? Is this the way things ought to be? This tract investigates the matter.

The Song of Songs: A Series of Sermons
Sexual purity, intimacy and marriage as it was meant to be.

[These sermons were recently re-published in book format and can be purchased from Westminster Discount Book Service (914) 472-2237].

Understanding the Times
Why has America changed so much in the past fifty years? Do you understand it? This study attempts to show why (also in PDF).

Wine in the Bible and the Church (PDF)
Does obedience to Jesus Christ require total abstinence from alcoholic beverages?

Corporate Responsibility: What Is It and Why Is It Important? (PDF)

Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say? (PDF)

Lectures on the Sabbath
Is the Fourth Commandment still binding? (PDF)

Which Is More Anti-Hierarchical? The Reformed or Presbyterian Form of Church Government?

A Critique of Steve Schlissel’s “All I Need to Know about Worship, I Don’t Learn from the Regulative Principle”

Index to Other Articles and Reviews by G.I. Williamson (PDF)

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