Hi, I’m Charles Rus

February 27, 1937, not long after the Great Depression, and about four years before World War 2, I was born to Lane and Lizie Rus. My name is Charles L Rus. My parents were members of The First Christian Reformed Church, in Pella, Iowa. As a young person, I was required to memorize the answers to the questions of the Heidelberg Catechism. I was about 35 years old when I studied Reverend G. I. Williamson’s Bible study book, on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which teaches the same Reformed faith. It caused me to realize that the Reformed Faith is what I should believe.

Since about five years ago, over time I was becoming more and more concerned, as evidenced by the disregard for the Lord’s Day, that people no longer truly believe that all of Adam’s descendants are born in sin, and are bound for hell unless the Holy Spirit gives them a new heart, they repent and trust in Jesus, and turn from their wicked ways out of gratitude to God for saving them, that they do their best to live as close to God’s Ten Commandments, as possible.

I am convinced that the Ten Commandments are for all times and that continually breaking the fourth commandment is an indication that they are not really saved.

I believe if I can get enough people to listen to Rev. G. I. Williamson’s sermons on sermonaudio.com that it could bring revival to our land.

Charles Rus

Charles Rus
Rus Family

Why start a blog at 83?

I am the youngest of eight children in my family. Four of my siblings passed away at an average age of 70 years old. As I wonder why God has allowed me to live to reach 83 with a sound mind, I came to the following conclusion. Seeing the decline in Christianity over eight decades, it startled me that the practice of the Christian religion has changed so drastically. I feel a duty to warn the Christians of our time about what I think God expects from them. Christians today think that God is here to serve them. But when I grew up, people believed that God created them to glorify him and enjoy him forever. The Ten Commandments give us the guidelines to do that. The purpose of this blog is to share what I think God wants others to know.

I believe God gave the Ten Commandments at the beginning of human history so that they would be our guide until Jesus comes again. This blog is focusing on the fourth commandment, remembering the Sabbath day to keep it holy. I think doing that will noticeably increase our good relationship with God.